Mentors and Advisors

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Our mentors include Jonathan Cook, Dorothy Fibiger, Nancy Philip and Michael Rainford.

Jon Cook
Graduated from Tulane University where he majored in Mechanical Engineering. He is currently employed in the Orange Rockland Utilities company, which is part of Con Edison; he has been with this company for 5 years now. Jon has been mentoring Team 1155 (the Co-ed Team of our school) since the 02-03 season, and has also been mentoring us since we started out in the 06-07 season as an All-Girls Team. When he is not working helping run this county’s electricity or helping us build our robot, Jon likes to mountain bike, ride his motorcycle and go off-roading.

Dorothy Fibiger
Graduated from the prestigious university of Cornell with a degree in Chemical engineering. Afterwards, she chose to begin teaching at the Bronx High School of Science, one of the specialized high schools in NYC. She has been with us as a chemistry teacher now for two years, and also as a mentor for two years. When she’s not instructing students on the molecular bonds of hydrogen molecules, or helping us bend metal, Dorothy loves exploring the outdoors through hiking and canoeing.

Nancy Philip
Nancy Philip graduated from Manhattan College with a degree in Math Education. With her Math Degree, she went on to pursue a career as a teacher, beginning at the prestigious Bronx High School of Science, and advancing. Outside of the classroom, Nancy Philip enjoys going to concerts, eating out at different, eclectic restaurants, and browsing music stores collecting CD’s from her favorite bands.

Mike Rainford
Graduated from NYSP, where he received a Bachelor’s of Science and Industrial Art Education, Audio and Visual Communications, and Educational Technology at Mercy. He has been teaching at the Bronx High School of Science for 12 years; his favorite classes to teach are Science and Technology labs. Mr. Rainford’s hobbies include skydiving, scuba-diving, and photography.